CreativeCo — 5 investments in Q1–21

CreativeCo, a growth equity studio based in Charlotte, is pleased to announce 5 investments in early-growth stage business cloud companies in the first quarter of 2021.

As CreativeCo approaches its first year anniversary, we’re excited to see our portfolio companies start to achieve significant growth milestones. Rent Ready closed a $10M series A financing led by Grotech so the team can extend their leadership position in multi-family apartment turn services. Also, Ziflow, the leading SaaS solution for online proofing, closed a series seed + round led by Companion Ventures. In order to support the continued growth of our portfolio, CreativeCo successfully launched a second fund and invested $1M as follow-on into these rounds.

CreativeCo also added 3 new companies to its portfolio. In February, we invested in Leasecake, a Tampa-based SaaS lease management platform as part of a $3M seed round led by Las Olas. In March, we invested in Charlotte-based POS Nation, a SaaS point-of-sale and payments provider, and ReturnLogic, a Camp Hill, PA-based SaaS platform for e-commerce returns and reverse logistics. With these 3 new investments, CreativeCo now has 15 business cloud companies in its portfolio, generating a collective $35.2M revenue, equating to an average run-rate of $2.4M.

During the quarter, we were also pleased to see the progress generated by our growth equity studio model. For example, our operational role at Rent Ready is bearing fruit as their new overseas engineering team is up and running and the next generation Rent Ready software platform, which is fundamental to the company’s series A financing growth plan, is nearing release.

CreativeCo portfolio companies

  • Apty — SaaS for digital adoption management
  • DebtBook — SaaS for debt management
  • IRALogix — SaaS for IRA investment firms
  • Leasecake — SaaS for lease management
  • Medxoom — SaaS for third party insurance administrators
  • OneRail — SaaS for e-commerce delivery or pick-up
  • POS Nation — SaaS POS and payment processing
  • Rabbu — digital property management
  • Rent Ready — multi-family apartment turn management
  • ReturnLogic — SaaS for e-commerce returns
  • SingleOps — SaaS for landscaping businesses
  • Social Studies — influencer marketing
  • Spotio — SaaS for field sales teams
  • Tracks N Teeth — aftermarket construction equipment parts
  • Ziflow — SaaS for collaborative content review and approval




Partner @ CreativeCo

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Travis Parsons

Travis Parsons

Partner @ CreativeCo

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