CreativeCo invests in SingleOps

Travis Parsons
2 min readApr 4, 2019


Let’s say you’re running a $10mm outdoor services business, and each day you’re chasing new leads, sending out estimators to quote new business, scheduling and routing crews around town to get jobs done, managing inventory and equipment, sending out invoices for payment, and trying to make sense of it all. Spreadsheets and a mix of tools that don’t quite fit your business requirements can’t get the job done. What do you do?

SingleOps started with the same question. In 2014, Sean McCormick and Matt Lowe teamed up to create a product that would meet the needs of Matt’s fast-growing commercial pine straw and mulch business. They took their product to market with broad field services ambitions, but refocused everything back to their green industry origins in early 2018, a wise “pivot” targeting over 100,000 landscaping, lawn care, tree care, and other outdoor services providers looking for a better way to manage their businesses.

With a clear vertical market focus, Sean (CEO), Matt and the SingleOps team have fixated on meeting the very specific requirements of the green industry, which has resulted in a product that pulls all of the in-field and back-office people and processes together into a simple to use single platform. The SingleOps team is also all about customer service, and for many landscaping businesses that are tech-enabling their operations for the first time, a helping hand goes a long way.

All of SingleOps’ hard work in their industry is generating awesome results — big revenue growth, great SaaS metrics, and a growing team with both domain and SaaS experience. Sean tells the story best in this SingleOps blog post.

The SingleOps Team

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re investing in SingleOps’ series A round through our newly formed investment firm CreativeCo Capital.

We believe vertically-focused SaaS platforms are good investments. SingleOps is developing a product that meets the exact needs of customers within its target market. Within the tight-knit customer community, the word on SingleOps’ great product and service is spreading quickly. Tight product focus and excellent service combined results in strong product-market fit, expanding customer relationships, and a solid strategic position within an overall consolidating field services SaaS market. That’s why SingleOps is our first CreativeCo investment.

CreativeCo is our next right hill to climb. It’s the natural next step in the 10-year evolution that we’ve led with Castle Digital Partners, helping entrepreneurs launch and grow software businesses as a “venture services” partner. Going forward, CreativeCo and Castle will operate side-by-side, uniquely positioned to provide capital and/or capabilities to management teams of quality software businesses.

We greatly appreciate Sean giving us the opportunity to back SingleOps, and we look forward to helping out on this exciting journey.