CreativeCo makes 9 investments; launches Fund II

CreativeCo portfolio companies

  • Aginity — Collaborative SQL editor for enterprises
  • Anduin — SaaS for work-to-cash professional services cycle
  • Apty — SaaS for digital adoption management
  • Case Status — SaaS for legal client automation
  • Cue Intelligence — SaaS for call center productivity
  • DebtBook — SaaS for debt and lease management
  • DriverReach — SaaS for driver recruitment and compliance
  • Fullcast — SaaS for sales operations planning
  • IRALogix — SaaS for IRA investment firms
  • Krista — SaaS for intelligent automation
  • Leasecake — SaaS for location lease management
  • Medxoom — SaaS for third party insurance administrators
  • NVISIONx — enterprise data inventory and security platform
  • OneRail — SaaS for same day delivery or pickup
  • POS Nation — SaaS POS and payment processing
  • Rabbu — platform for single family property investors
  • Rent Ready — multi-family apartment turn management
  • ReturnLogic — SaaS for e-commerce returns
  • SingleOps — SaaS for landscaping businesses
  • Social Studies — influencer marketing
  • Spotio — SaaS for field sales teams
  • Subsalt — synthetic data platform
  • Tracks N Teeth — aftermarket construction equipment parts
  • Ziflow — SaaS for collaborative content review and approval



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